How to clean a new WOK


How to clean a new WOK

Step by step instruction

Even though the Yosukata wok is rust resistant, it isn't stainless steel and requires the same maintenance rules as carbon steel cooking ware. A thin layer of oil has been applied to protect against rust during transportation. This layer must be cleaned before the first use.
Please follow the following steps to prepare your wok:

Vigorously wash the inside and outside of the wok with hot soapy water using a sponge or a NON-METALLIC scrubber. Avoid using metallic scrubbers, especially low-quality scrubbers, as they leave a residue Soak the WOK in the detergent for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly Dry the wok with paper towels. The towel may turn grey or black. That's normal and means there is still some residue and protective oil on the surface Repeat the process with the same or a more rigid non-metallic sponge, scrubber, or brush Dry the wok with paper towels. The towel should stay clean Now, the WOK is ready for seasoning! Check our Video about the seasoning

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