11.8 inch

Woks are one of the best types of pans to have available in your kitchen. These pans have so many functions, that they may be all you need. You will be cooking like a chef in no time! The 11.8-inch carbon steel wok will teach you new cuisine and give you the versatile non-stick cookware that you have been searching for in Asian cuisine.

What Our 11.8-inch Wok Size is Best for

When it comes to wok sizing, it is best to think of the number of people you are cooking for or the number of servings you wish to have. Smaller woks, such as the 11.8″ carbon steel wok, are good for smaller portions of food. This wok is the best inch for small dishes and cooking for two people. You may be able to make larger servings depending on the dish you are cooking.

Features of Our Pans of this Size

An 11.8” wok might be the perfect size of wok pan for you. It has amazing features that go a long way when using the pan. Here is a list of a couple of great characteristics.

  • Quick to heat up: Because of this wok’s smaller size, it heats up much faster than larger sizes. If you are always on the run, this might be the perfect size for you.
  • Made with quality materials: The wok was designed to have a long lifespan. Its heavy-duty, black carbon steel and treated beachwood make it a sturdy option for your kitchen. The non-stick coating from seasoning creates an easy clean.
  • Creating small portions of healthy meals: Having the option to make healthy stir-fries full of flavor is something you will never want to give up. Having a smaller cooking pan for a small number of servings is definitely ideal.