Get a Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok From Yosukata

When you purchase a pre-seasoned carbon steel wok from Yosukata, you are saving yourself a ton of work. Unless you are a professional, this is likely the best option for you to choose. Pre-treating your ware is not only an extra required step before you get to cook with your new product. Most laypeople do not even have the proper equipment or the skill to pre-treat properly. And unfortunately, if you pre-treat incorrectly, you could ruin your expensive new kitchenware. 


The following article will walk you through what it means to buy a pre-seasoned wok. It will also explain why you should get one for yourself, and why the one you buy should be a Yosukata. As a bonus, you will also learn how to care for your carbon steel cookware. Dive in!

What Does Pre-Seasoning Mean?

Pre-seasoning is a commonly confused term, as there are two rounds of treatment your carbon steel wares must go through in order to be ready to use. The first is pre-seasoning, and the second is seasoning. Both can technically be done yourself. However, Yosukata sells woks that are already pre-treated, so all you need to do once you get your product is season it, and it’ll be ready to go. 


The pre-seasoning process involves heating the steel so that it creates a protective rust-free barrier. This process is also called boiling or bluing, and it dates back to ancient Chinese times. Black and blue steel have their differences, but both can go through this process to get their rust protection. 


The seasoning you are likely more familiar with is the one that is easy to do at home. This is done with oil and is further described down below.

Why You Should Buy a Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok

There are many benefits to buying pre-seasoned carbon steel woks. First of all, the steel typically needs to be heated to a temperature around 600 degrees Fahrenheit to be pre-treated. Since most people are not capable of accessing this high temperature, it’s best to buy this version of Yosukata’s kitchenware. Pre-treating also requires a certain level of experience, since you need to know when the ware is ready to be removed from heat. 


To avoid damaging your product by pre-treating it incorrectly, leave it to the pros—AKA us. Plus, if you buy your product this way, it will be ready to use way faster. 

Special Yosukata Features

There are lots of other features that make Yosukata kitchenware stand out from the competition. First and foremost, our products have all been designed by an experienced team of engineers and top-tier chefs. Their combined forces have created the perfect tool. Additionally, Yosukata has a wide variety of wares for you to choose from, allowing you to meet your needs exactly. 


Your hands won’t slip on New Zealand Beech Wood handles on our wares, and the handles will stay in place thanks to welding technology. Plus, all of our products are lighter than alternatives on the market, so your wrist won’t get tired while swirling and sauteing. And, they are of Japanese quality, so you know they will perform as expected.

Taking Good Care of Your Pre-Seasoned Wok

After getting your pre-seasoned wok in the mail, you still need to season it! You do this by warming your ware while it is coated in oil repeatedly until it forms a patina layer with a nonstick quality and full-bodied flavor. Yosukata sells its products with the option of having it pre-seasoned, but not regularly seasoned, for sanitary and transportation surfaces. Plus, because you have to wash your product when it comes in the mail, you would end up washing the patina layer off anyway. 

After you finish the process of seasoning, your kitchenware will be ready to use! To care for it in between cooking, rinse it gently with water and promptly dry it to prevent rust. If you notice any sticking or burning, simply re-season your wok.