Carbon Steel Wok Yosukata

Buy a carbon steel wok today, and experience a whole new type of cooking. While woks are extremely versatile instruments, they are best known for their abilities to stir-fry meats and authentic cuisines. Using this product will allow you to evenly heat anything you place in it. Plus, Yosukata products are all-natural, enabling you to keep carcinogens off the menu.

When you’re finished cooking, caring for your carbon steel wok is surprisingly easy! After its initial seasoning, all you need to do when you finish cooking is wipe the product down with a wet cloth and dry it promptly. Enhance your cooking experience today with the Yosukata of your choice.

Types of Carbon Steel Woks

Carbon steel woks are a traditional Asian cooking tool that has gained popularity worldwide. They usually have a rounded bottom than your run-of-the-mill stovetop pan. At Yosukata, you will be able to choose between  Blue Carbon Steel Woks and black versions. The brand also offers different degrees of flat bottoms, ranging from genuine pans to very round. 

How to Use a Carbon Steel Wok Pan

If you’re new to using traditional carbon steel woks, no worries! Cooking with them is pretty easy to get a handle on. Essentially, the food towards the bottom of your carbon steel wok pan will warm. To cook your food evenly, you continuously push the contents up the side in a cycle that allows all of the food in your pan to get equal time at the bottom. For more information, check out the Yosukata blog!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Carbon Steel Wok 

Yosukata makes good carbon steel woks — you cannot go wrong with any of them. However, Yosukata’s varieties slightly differ in ways that can suit your needs better. If you do not feel like pre-seasoning your new product yourself, choose a pre-seasoned version. Both versions are equally impressive when it comes to dispersing heat evenly and cooking delicious food. 

The primary difference between the two is that the black version is specially treated with high temperatures during steel production to form black iron oxide. So, that it’s a bit more resistant to rust. The black option will not rust though so long as you take proper care of it. Flat bottoms are suitable for cooking on electric stoves only. They’ll allow you to get the charcoal heat you’ve been craving without the mess or outdoor cooking.

Yosukata Professional Carbon Steel Wok Features

Yosukata makes natural-finish professional carbon steel woks. The selection is small because a great deal of time was spent making each perfectly unique. They are crafted to amplify your comfort, prevent oxidation, and keep chemicals out of your food. Plus, you can find extra tips on the brand’s blog and Q&A pages! If you are on the market for a professional carbon steel wok, choose Yosukata and never look back.