Blue Carbon Steel Woks

Are you thinking about purchasing a blue carbon steel wok, but desiring to know more about what they are, and how they could benefit you? Look no further—this article has the answers to all of your questions and more. After reading, you will undoubtedly want to add one of these unique wares to your Yosukata shopping cart, and get cooking with it ASAP!

Below, you will learn about what makes blue woks a great tool, as well as the unique aspects of Yosukata products, and what to do with your purchase once you get it into your kitchen. The use of these products dates back many years, deep into the timeline of authentic Asian cooking. Today, however, this newly-launched tool is used to prepare delicate breakfasts, delicious desserts, and everything in between from any culture. Regardless of the dishes that frequent your menu, try cheffing them up on our blue carbon.

What Makes it Blue?

Believe it or not, the deep ocean color of our blue steel woks is actually natural! In its raw form, the materials in the ware have a silver color. However, before getting shipped to you, Yosukata puts the steel through a special process called bluing. As the name suggests, the bowl of the ware develops a slight navy tint during the treatment due to the high heat. Upon completion, the ware will be ready for you to bring it home to oil and cook with. 


Blue woks are different from black ones. The black varieties get their color from a surface-hardening method that creates a thin layer of iron oxide. Do not confuse this pre-treatment with the act of seasoning, described at the end of this article. 


If, after cooking super acidic foods in your ware or scratching it, you may notice the hue begin to change. If this happens, you can restore your blue carbon by reheating it to a temperature over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Features of Yosukata’s Blue Steel Wok

If you choose to snag a Yosukata blue steel wok, you’re in for a treat. There are plenty of aspects that make our wares stand out amongst the competition, in addition to providing the best protection against rust and corrosion. To begin with, they are designed by a genius team of experienced engineers and professional chefs. Together, this team has crafted the perfect products that meet and exceed your needs. Additionally, you can expect your products to be lightweight and easy to use. 


You can get your blue wok either completely unseasoned or pre-treated. Both options come in a size of roughly fourteen inches. Believe it or not, this is enough to hold nearly two gallons of content! The bowl of the product is reliably welded to a classy dried New Zealand Beech Wood handle at its base so that it won’t break free while you’re swirling and sauteing. This is done without rivets. The wood has a special non-sliding finish and is about five and a half inches, making for a comfortable hold. 


All together, the product weighs less than five pounds, so it won’t cause you pain during use. This ware is perfect for gas stoves or heating over open flames.

Seasoning Your Blue Carbon Steel Wok

Have you ever had the pleasure of using a blue carbon steel wok with a perfect patina layer? If so, you know what an amazing cooking experience it provides, and how good the flavor of the food it makes is! When it comes to creating the patina in your pan, make sure it has been pre-treated first, whether by you or Yosukata depending on which option you purchased. 

After the pretreatment, you can season your blue carbon wok yourself. First, rinse your ware and dry it. Then, rub cooking oil on it while it sits over heat for 15–20 minutes. Repeat this process four to ten times, or until you can fry an egg on the flat bottom and sides of your ware without it sticking. You should notice the blue carbon begin to turn darker black as the patina grows.

In a blue carbon steel wok, what does blue stand for?

Carbon steel requires special heat treatment to become rust- and corrosion-resistant, and hard enough to withstand frequent cooking. This process is also called blue ironing. When you treat carbon steel at high temperatures, chemical reactions take place, and as a result, the steel turns blue. So, the color of the blue carbon steel wok you are holding in your hands or plan to acquire is the result of the heat treatment process it has undergone.

Are blue carbon steel woks good for cooking food?

Thanks to their durability, blue carbon steel woks are among the favorites of modern chefs and even bakers. They have confirmed that the cooking quality is exceptional when it comes to the best blue carbon steel wok from Yosukata. This material can be heated from any source, even a wood fire. And such pans can be used at higher temperatures than other materials.

Is blue carbon steel as good as carbon steel?

Blue carbon steel pans are considered great for searing and caramelizing, as well as preparing eggs, according to professional chefs. A blue wok is an iron pan that has been forged. This makes a Yosukata blue carbon steel wok pan easier to handle. Besides, woks made from this material are less porous if compared to cast iron and quicker to season. Select the appropriate pan size, and this will be the best carbon steel wok for you.

Is blue carbon steel better than stainless steel?

Carbon steel is harder and more durable than stainless steel. However, as the name of the latter suggests, it is not subject to corrosion. Even after heat treatment, blue carbon steel woks might become corroded after contact with humidity. Therefore, it is essential to properly clean and store them to avoid rusting.


There is another aspect to take into consideration, i.e., non-stick properties. Carbon steel is less prone to sticking. So, if you season the pan properly, you will be able to use less fat for cooking, which makes blue carbon steel a healthier choice. So, to decide which one to acquire, it is crucial to weigh all these aspects.

How to season a Yosukata blue carbon steel wok?

We would like to emphasize that you should not skip this step by looking for an already seasoned wok. In the process of using a wok, you will definitely need to re-season it at some point. Besides, to make sure a wok you have just purchased is clean and sanitary, cleaning and seasoning it are the two steps to take. We have prepared a detailed guide on seasoning carbon steel wok. So, refer to the guide, and there will be no problems.

How to clean a blue carbon steel wok?

While cleaning a carbon steel wok, you need to make sure that you don’t do anything to damage the patina formed on the surface thanks to seasoning. Use a dampened washcloth or paper towel for this purpose. Check the guide on seasoning and cleaning carbon steel wok by following the link.

Is it possible to scratch blue carbon steel?

If you have properly seasoned a carbon steel blue wok, even if you use a metal spatula with it once in a while, there will be little risk of scratching it. But of course, if you apply too much force, this might lead to scratches. However, compared with non-stick pans, these scratches are not critical since there is no chemical surface coating. Over time, in the process of cooking, these scratches will be covered by the layer of patina.