Carbon Steel Woks Flat Bottom

There are so many carbon steel flat bottom woks on the market today that it can be difficult to know which ones are worth spending your hard-earned money on. Let us make the decision easy for you. Once you try Yosukata’s products, you will never want to purchase kitchenware from anyone else! How come? 

To start, our wok cooking pan stands out amongst the crowd thanks to the experienced designers that created them. Plus, we have a variety of options and sizes to choose from. Regardless of your unique needs, you will be able to find a utensil that suits them here on our website. This article will walk you through the particular benefits of ordering a flat-bottom wok to cook with. As a bonus, you will also learn some tips on how to care for it once it arrives in the mail.

Why Should You Get a Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok?

If you have never owned a flat bottom carbon steel wok before, you’re missing out. This type of ware comes with either a flat surface on its bottom or a round one. While the round version is more traditional, the flat option better meets the needs of today’s chef. It provides a stable surface that allows you to rest it on your cooking surface or beside it if you need to prep food before heating or let it cool. 

You can get a Yosukata professional skillet in either blue or black carbon steel depending on the size and option you choose. Depending on which Yosukata ware you choose, you will also be able to use it over more than just gas and open fire. Some of them are equipped for heating over electric, ceramic, and induction as well. Make sure you read the product description if you plan on using any of the heat sources. 

Yosukata’s Amazing Features

If you want to take home the best flat bottom carbon steel wok pan, then you have certainly come to the right place. First and foremost, Yosukata products have all been designed by a genius team of both chefs and engineers. The dynamic duo knows everything you need and has implemented it into our products. These particular wares are perfect for handling and storage, since you can set them down, and their straight base will hold them upright. 

Additionally, you can trust that only the highest quality of materials have gone into our products. They are predominantly carbon steel, with a small bit of other natural minerals for even and superior heating. The handles are made out of specially-treated wood so that they are dry, splinter-free, and easy to hold without burning you or causing any slippage. The wood is securely welded to the basin so that it will not loosen or fall off while you are sauteing and swirling. 

Seasoning Your Best Flat Bottom Wok


When you are buying your flat bottomed wok, make sure you check whether the product you are buying is pre-treated for rust prevention. Yosukata sells some that are pre-seasoned, and some that are not, so you can buy based on your preference. If you buy it without pre-seasoning, make sure you perform the wok seasoning process yourself. Once your pan is pre-seasoned to protect it from rust, you can begin seasoning it. 

First, gently rinse your product with water and dry it promptly with a rag or paper towel. Then, pick a cooking oil of your choice, and evenly distribute it to the interior of the basis. After coating the hammered surface in oil, place the ware on heat at its highest cooking temperature, and heat it for 15–20 minutes. You should see some smoking, and watch as the oil’s consistency changes. 

Then, remove the ware from the heat and let it cool. Repeat this process four to ten times or until you can cook an egg on your ware without it sticking. Then, you’ll know your patina is perfect, and your ware will have excellent non-stick quality.



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