13.5" Carbon Steel Wok

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen staple for your east Asian dishes? 13.5 carbon steel wok might be your next purchase! Woks are not only capable of making oriental dishes but can be used for many other traditional cooking techniques. The possibilities are endless with this cooking pan.

What Our 13.5-inch Wok Size is Best for

Finding the correct size wok is important when it comes to sizable meals. A 13.5-inch wok is best for a family of four, and you might even have some leftovers for the next day. This size is truly versatile and is the best inch for families because it is big enough to create a larger number of servings, or just 1 or 2 as well.

Features of Our Pans of this Size

With all of its amazing features, you are not going to want to stop using your brand-new wok pan. Here is a list of details that will add to your experience of cooking.

  • Non-stick: The 13.5″ wok from carbon steel material will make your cooking experience simple. Flip, fry, and stir without needing to scrape the food off the pan. The non-stick coating ensured by its proper seasoning really goes a long way.
  • Traditional: You can count on the authenticity of these cooking woks. They are manufactured in China and will make your dishes taste fresh and amazing.
  • Pre-seasoned: Seasoning a pan is always one of the most difficult tasks when purchasing new cookware. These chef’s pans come pre-seasoned so that you do not need to put up with much hassle. They have previously been treated with high heat, so you can start cooking right after cleaning and seasoning them. This also allows for an easy clean.