14 inch

The wok is a must-have kitchen essential. Its versatility allows you to cook an array of different dishes from all over the world. These cooking pans have strong Asian roots and are popularly used for east Asian dishes. Our 14” carbon steel wok is perfect to begin exploring oriental cuisine with your friends and family.


What Our 14” woks are Best For

Wok pans tend to vary in size, so choosing the best diameter is important. 14-inch woks are the best inch for a family of 4-6 people. Having a family-sized wok confirms the right surface area to food ratio for multiple people at the dinner table. If you are cooking for a smaller number of people, this size might still be a great option to ensure that you have plenty of leftovers.

Features of Our Pans of this Size

The 14″ wok has a multitude of features that make it unique. Here is a list of characteristics that will help you get to know the chef’s pans better.

  • Pre-seasoned: All of our woks are pre-seasoned and treated on high heat prior to being sold. To provide them with a non-stick coating, you will need to season them yourself. Incorrectly seasoning the wok can cause further damage, and it is better to avoid the risk. Therefore, we provide you with a detailed step-by-step video. This takes much of the hard work off of your shoulders. Enjoy a non-stick pan and the benefits of cooking on it.
  • Made with quality materials: These woks are made from heavy-duty, black carbon steel, and are meant to last you a lifetime. The handle of the wok is made from treated beachwood, making it easy and comfortable to hold onto while also being heat-resistant. These staples in your kitchen are an investment for your future.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintenance is simple. All you need to do is an easy clean after cooling with hot water and a sponge. Make sure to dry before storage.