What to do with burnt-on food stuck to the surface

How to clean burnt-on food stuck to the surface v2 2020-11-24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmVQSBjmcSg https://www.youtube.com/embed/gmVQSBjmcSg

How to clean burnt-on food stuck to the surface v2

Cooking on high-heat is challenging, but essential to achieve "Wok chi" - the "breath of the wok".

Burnt food stuck to the surface is normal. In fact, it is easy to clean without detergent and stainless steel scrubber in 5 minutes. No damage to the wok, no need to reseason and ready to cook again and again.

Watch the video and cook on high heat without worries.

Step by step instruction

Food can burn and stick to the surface of the wok. What to do if this happens?”

Use a metal or wooden scraper to remove as much of it as you can Clean the scrapings out with a paper towel Use warm water and a plastic scourer to scrub off any remaining burnt-on food without using detergent. It's best NOT TO USE METALLIC SCOURING PADS If you must use detergent and/or metal scouring pads to clean the wok, it must be re-seasoned before you cook in it again If you clean your wok after it cools every time you use it; it will serve you for a lifetime.

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